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Mag Oil Spray

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Magnesium is an incredibly beneficial and powerful mineral yet most Americans are deficient in magnesium.  Every organ and muscle in your body utilizes magnesium.  Magnesium also helps promote the absorption of Vitamin D. 

If you are plagued with any of the following, low magnesium may be to blame:

  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Cramps
  • Muscle aches/weakness
  • Stress and/or anxiety
  • Fatigue or poor sleep
  • Constipation
Magnesium Oil isn't actually an "oil" at all but is a highly concentrated blend of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2), purified water, and other trace minerals that give the feel and texture of a light oil.  It is often applied to legs, feet, arms, stomach, or directly to areas where there is discomfort.